Cockroach Management Service

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Cockroach Management Service

Cockroaches carry a huge host of diseases transferring it to foodstuffs or through their faeces. They multiple rapidly in favorable conditions and often go unnoticed until they become seen during the day which is indicative of a serious infestation as they are predominately a nocturnal insect. Cockroaches rely on water and warmth and this encourages their presence behind freezers, fridges and cookers. These areas are often undisturbed and there is adequate food debris and water supply at hand.

Cockroach Management Service

  • India's best and No.1 Cockroach Pest Control Company
  • Our Gel provides total and effective cockroach control for cockroaches, red and black ants.
  • MAX FORCE cockroach killer is a service where the highly potent active ingredient is applied at cockroach hideouts along with a spray treatment in rest of the areas.
  • Cockroaches consume the gel and go back to their hideout where they eventually die. Other cockroaches eat the poisoned roaches and thus the entire colony is killed.
  • Single Service includes a 1 time service. Yearly Service includes 3 services at intervals of 4 months.
  • We use Bayer Chemicals approved by Central Insecticide Board for best results and safety.
  • It takes approx. 15 days for the entire cockroach colony to get affected. So post 3rd week you will start seeing visible results.
  • Within the contract period if you have a complaint after a service; our technicians will resolve it at no extra charges.
  • Single service comes with 3 month warranty.
  • We offer the best pest control services in India. With best in class chemicals approved by Central Insecticides Board for use against target pests at recommended dosages.
  • Our pest control service is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and persons with allergy.
  • Unlike local pest control services provided we use Bayer Chemicals approved by Central Insecticide Board for best results and safety.
  • Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and trained.
  • Choose MPCS over conventional methods for cockroach control – our method is to eradicate the root of the problem, rather than just eliminate surface nuisances.

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